Lindlar, Demeterhof anniversary!

JAP! is back from the biggest Kundalini Yogafestival in Europe. 

We have been honored to play during Sadhana on the last day. During the 'Wahe Guru' a heavy rain broke down and everybody was about to leave. So we asked and invited all to the stage. We became one voice and one unique prayer. Then a rainbow appeared directly above us. 

What an experience.

Very touched and grateful for everybody we met and share time with.


J A P enjoying and savoring danish GUF for the first time. Wahe Guru! What a taste!

Denmark as a part of our tour to Ängsbacka, Sweden, was amazing.

Ängsbacka in itself OUTSTANDING.

Here some impressions:

Impressions from our sadhana on the European Yogafestival 2014 in Mur-de-Sologne, France